Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is my finished piece, HERE IS NOW, at the DNC. That's me and Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me). The idea behind this piece was to invite people to be inside of this shouting, active mouth so they could feel like they are a part of the solution, rather than onlookers placing all their faith in a messiah-like politician.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I WAS THERE!" DNC August 28, 2008

This was the line to get in. From above it would've looked like a plate of spaghetti. Delicious, Democratic Spaghetti.

This was the only protester i saw. He was moo-ing into a megaphone, calling us sheep and then this guy in front of me yelled "Are you from the Bible?"

Neither of the Datefarmers nor i ever imagined being at a political convention - it was kind of perfect that we got to go together.

I think this might be the origin of the whole lipstick - pig thing.

Betsy Diana Ross? Best tee- shirt ever?

this is the first time i ever held an american flag.

The next day, i ran into Madeleine Albright in the airport and i interrupted her conversation with Sen. Tom Leahy so we could take a photo.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I was invited to Denver for the Manifest Hope show. This is the outside of the gallery - HOPE spelled out in bicycle wheels. Damn Straight.
30 miles outside of Denver in a giftshop, these people were selling shirts that said "Another Small Town, Religion-Clinging, Gun-Toting AMERICAN voting for McCain". Damn Straight.

Gay Rainbow over Denver.

Super funny peeps from California.

Living with David Choe is like being on reality TV.

Inside Denver.

Outside Denver.

Totally Outside Denver.

Yay! Red! Rocks!

Cold War Kids maybe? Or Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah?

The Superest of Supergroups (i wish that was their name) featuring Zooey Deschanel, Jenny Lewis, dude from Nada Surf who's name i'm spacing, Ben Gibbard (death cab for cutie) and Jonathan Rice.

And then, right after i took this picture, i bit off sarah silverman's head and ate it.

The Heavyweights from Montreal, Canada (USA). Me working on my giant photobooth mouth. See the finished piece HERE.

Nick and Scott carrying their piece.

And then one night we got really, really drunk and modified the cards for our show.

Ron English and crew putting up his Obama-Lincoln wheatpaste.

And then, right after this photo was taken, Shepard and friends all got arrested and spent the night in jail, etc. etc. etc.

Mac from Arizona.

I'm kind of stoked on the destination of this bus.

Sam Flores and The Datefarmers.